How to optimize the images on your website – 6 tips

6 tips to optimize your images and to increase your page load time. Link to Google's documentation included.
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3 Free tools to find keyword and topic ideas for your content plan

Suffering from a writer's block? We reviewed 3 free keyword research tools to help you find new content ideas. 5min read, hours of staring at the wall saved.
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Google 2021 November Core Update – Main Take-Aways

November 2021 Core Update - Main take-aways. Read how this update impacted rankings, and how it is different from the July 2021 Google Core update.
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BrightEdge Research Results: Understanding the State of SEO

BrightEdge asked more than 750 attendees for their perspective on SEO in 2022, and how they experienced 2021. Read what they said.
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Google Maps Announcement: 4 New Local Shopping Features

The Google Maps team introduced four new features to aid users with their Local Shopping experience. Learn more.
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Understanding Local SEO – a small business owner guide

Do you know that 46% of all searches done on Google are aimed to find local information? Is your business ready for this? Starting a local SEO strategy is easier than you think. Read here what you can do to…
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How to hire a copywriter – and the skills to look for in a copywriter

Anyone can write a piece of content. But professionally written content can actually improve your sale. Use this guide to hire the perfect copywriter for your business.
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5 Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Having trouble standing out in the crowded Real Estate market? These 5 content marketing strategies can help you attract more business.
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