16 Best Digital Marketing Books To Help You Thrive 

Digital marketing is an exciting field to work in. There is a lot to learn and new technologies and strategies are always emerging. To stay on top of the competition, part of your time is best spent on reading 🙂

Below you will find a list of books we think can help you do Digital Marketing better. Whether you are just starting your marketing career, or already working as a marketing professional. 

Most of the books below you can find on Amazon. But we like to support our local library and bookstore;

For convenience we broke down our selection in Marketing types.
(all-inclusive, video, content, email, copywriting, strategy, paid, social,
SEO, affiliate, influencer, automation & analytics)

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This marketing book by Allan Dib is best for beginners or small business marketers. You learn unique marketing plans for getting new customers. You also learn how to beat competitors and use direct response marketing. When it comes to social media and its use for Marketing the book is outdated (it advocates against its use for marketing).

What we likeTo keep in mind
Solid content foundationNot for large-scale marketing operations
Suitable for beginners in marketing 
Helpful for small business marketers
What we likeTo keep in mind
Innovative three-pronged marketing strategySome redundancy and repetition in content
Rich in real-world examples and case studiesNeeds better editing
Good for both experienced and beginners in marketing

Sean Cannell and Benji Travis wrote YouTube Secrets, an easy guide. This book helps you understand the basics of a successful YouTube channel; over two hundred top creators share their proven methods they used to gain views and subscribers. This book is perfect for beginners who are starting their YouTube journey.

What we likeTo keep in mind
Easy to understandFalls short in covering the latest updates
Valuable tips for beginnersNot for experienced Youtubers
Tips from successful YT creators

Tim Staples and Josh Young wrote this book to show how to use social media algorithms for marketing success. Staples, the CEO of Shareability, shares a nine-step approach and engaging case studies, including successful viral video campaigns. The case studies provide insights for both marketers and entrepreneurs.

What we likeTo keep in mind
Practical nine-step approach to successful online marketingFails to cater to diverse business models
Fluent writing and engaging storytelling
Contains real-world success with compelling case studies

Prafull Sharma wrote a book to guide content marketing beginners. The book includes a single-page blueprint, a success roadmap, practical strategies, and free tools. It offers clear steps and quantifiable measures. This makes it a concise guide for understanding and using content marketing. At the end of each chapter, it includes actionable next steps. These steps will help you know exactly what to do. You will also find metrics to track progress and measure success. 

What we likeTo keep in mind
Simplifies content marketing blueprintGood for beginners
Provides practical strategiesLacks advanced tactics
Actionable steps for quick results‘One trick pony’ type of method

See You on the Internet is a guide for simple digital marketing. It’s especially useful for small business owners. Avery Swartz, a famous tech leader, presents a five-step framework that covers website development, SEO, social media, email marketing, and online advertising. This book helps non-technical readers to build an online presence. It doesn’t explore each topic in-depth.

What we likeTo keep in mind
Clear, user-friendly framework for digital marketingMore of an overview than an in-depth guide
Covers a broad range of essential online marketing areasLacks advanced digital marketing tactics
Ideal for business owners with no technical background

This book is a detailed guide for creating a successful email marketing strategy. It goes beyond just building a list and discusses Branding, effective welcome emails, and the need of an email editorial calendar. All the provided tips are aimed at improving subscriber engagement and increasing your sales.

What we likeTo keep in mind
A holistic approach to email marketingNot a quick read
Practical tips and marketing strategiesThese strategies need time to deliver results
Addresses common concerns with actionable solutions

The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert W. Bly is a fundamental guide for anyone involved in writing or editing copy. The book offers many methods and covers advertisements, email campaigns, and website copy. The fourth edition now includes content marketing and online videos.

What we likeTo keep in mind
Covers a wide range of copywriting techniquesNot for experienced marketers or writers
Updated with modern digital marketing strategiesLacks depth in some areas
Clear and concise guidance, ideal for beginners

This Is Marketing by Seth Godin is an all-time classic in marketing. In this book, Godin stresses the power of empathy, trust, and storytelling over other advertising tactics. It does so by focusing on solving people’s problems and building meaningful connections. With his book, he changed how people see and sell things in business today. 

What we likeTo keep in mind
A Marketing classicSome key messages are repetitively stated
Provides clear guidance on building trust and positioning brandsMissing some real-life examples and case studies
Advocates for empathy-based, customer-centric marketing strategies

Join or Die explores advanced PPC strategies using the author’s expertise. The author is a respected leader in the field. This book has case studies, practical insights, and lessons. It includes successful and failed campaigns, giving a full view of modern PPC and digital marketing strategies. 

What we likeTo keep in mind
Offers detailed, real-life case studies Might be challenging for beginners
Highlights successful strategies and notable failures
Includes of different perspectives

Tracy L. Tuten’s book, Social Media Marketing, is a quick guide. It helps both novice and experienced marketers with social media strategies and practices. This edition covers strategy formulation, content creation, community engagement, and analytics. It also includes practical case studies which makes it a great resource for marketers. 

What we likeTo keep in mind
Covers a wide spectrum of social media marketing topicsIncludes (irrelevant?) political comments
Includes current trends and platforms
Well-written and beneficial for all skill levels

The Art of SEO guides you on how to please search engines and audiences alike with SEO. The book’s content delivers valuable knowledge for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. You learn about search engine algorithms and social media’s influence on page ranking. There are also various search opportunities, including video and podcast. The book explores AI in SEO and predicts future search trends.

What we likeTo keep in mind
Extensive coverage of SEO fundamentals and advanced conceptsRequires continuous learning beyond the book to thrive in SEO
Essential knowledge supplements to build a solid knowledge foundation
Tips on leveraging AI and future search trends


We tried to come up with what we think is the best book in this category. But it seems affiliate marketers have better things to do than to write books. The few books we tried were as bad as some of the affiliate tactics are 🙂 That being said, we love Mark and Gael at the authorityhacker.com. They didn’t write a book, but their training is a good substitute.

Authority Hacker Pro provides practical, beginner-friendly training for affiliate marketing. The training closely replicates real-life scenarios to build passive income. The course has 16 advanced digital marketing blueprints to learn affiliate marketing. These blueprints include the latest experiments, discoveries, and stories. The purpose is to help you understand affiliate marketing better. 

What we likeTo keep in mind
Active support communityModules can be overwhelming for beginners
30-day refund policy

This book presents practical personal branding advice for aspiring and established influencers. Laura Bull uses her experience in the music industry to give clear guidance and show examples that are easy to understand. Supplemental online tools make the brand-building process feel achievable. Bull has complemented accessible writing with exclusive resources. Therefore, this handbook is valuable for anyone looking to create or refine their brand.

What we likeTo keep in mind
Clear, practical personal branding adviceMainly focussed on personal branding
Includes resources and exercises for hands-on brand-building
A friendly tone of voice

Marketing Automation Unleashed demystifies marketing automation for both new admins and strategy-focused professionals. While Pardot features prominently, Casey Cheshire emphasizes universal concepts over platform-specific technical details. This makes the book a versatile resource for grasping core marketing automation principles.

What we likeTo keep in mind
Marketing automation for a wide audienceLacks tactical how-to guidance
Prioritizes strategy over configuration
Insights apply across automation platforms

Digital Marketing Analytics offers a practical guide to learn insights from digital data. Chuck Hemann and Ken Burbary offer a complete analytics framework. It supports marketing professionals of all skill levels. The book enables readers to overcome barriers and achieve actionable insights. For that, it uses relevant data and gives step-by-step methods to readers.

What we likeTo keep in mind
Steps through basic to advanced analyticsPotentially too in-depth for newbies
Drives real-world marketing impact
Useful for various readers and skills

We think these books are the essentials for every marketeer that wants to thrive. Let us know if we missed one you highly recommend.

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