7 Tips for Creating High-Quality Financial Content

Creating content is already difficult enough as it is – but things get even trickier when you’re trying to create content that involves financials. Financial articles are nothing like your standard “how-to” blogs, as they involve quite a lot of details. You have to be engaging – but at the same time, you need to be accurate. Here are a few tips to support your content marketing plan, and to ensure your financial content comes out top-notch.

1. Understand Your Target Audience

To be able to create high-quality content you will first need to understand your target audience, and the type of information that they are looking for. Creating content for the wrong audience isn’t only a waste time and resources. It might loose you those valuable leads that visit your website.

A good first step is to talk to existing clients to understand why they chose you over the competition.

financial content - know your audience
Listen to your audience

2. Write About What You Do, Not Who You Are

When you create content, write about your niche, what you do and how you add value to your customers – not about your company. Your audience is probably looking to solve their financial problem, or are in search for more information about a financial subject. They don’t care that company X offers Y services.

You want your audience to feel your content is helpful, and by doing so develop your Brand Awareness and Build Trust. When they are ready to convert they know where to find your About Page.

3. Use Graphics

Humans are overall quite visual beings – and when it comes to financial information, many people quickly get overwhelmed with numbers and financial concepts. Leaving your site unsatisfied. Graphics can make a difference. And can make a rather ‘boring’ piece of information at least visually very attractive.

Financial Content - Use Graphics
A good graphic is easy to understand

4. Be Consistent

Perhaps one of the first steps in creating high-quality financial content is being consistent.

Creating a content calendar will help you deliver content regularly – giving your readers the sense that you are a financial professional that can help them out. At some point when they are looking for information about a certain subject they will first come to you, because they know you were helpful in the past.

5. Involve Others

While we may want to do everything ourselves for a job well done, it is not always the best way to go. You may be posting once or twice a day –this doesn’t mean you will instantly achieve the visibility that you are aiming for.

Working together with other content producers can help you reach a bigger audience, and spark creativity. And If you are able to get an authority within your niche to collaborate, or at least provide you with a quote to use for your content, their authority will reflect upon you.

And don’t forget, working together can be fun!

financial content - Work Together
Brainstorm about ideas and how you can help each other

6. Be Accurate!

When you are posting a financial blog on your website, you need to be 100% sure that the content you provide is accurate. So make sure that you do your research thoroughly, and that you reference your sources.

7. Go for Actionable Content

So the focus is to produce content that adds value to your target audience. This is what makes them come back and get familiar with your brand. But at the same time you want to offer your readers something that triggers them to convert – download your eBook, subscribe to your newsletter or start a trial. Or, in our case, request a free SEO Audit 🙂

Practice Makes Perfect!

Financial content is not the easiest type of copy to write – but with enough practice, the right tips in mind, and maybe with the help of a professional copywriter it isn’t as hard as it might seem.

Start writing your financial content
You just need to start

Get Help!

Don’t feel comfortable (yet) writing your own content, or no idea how to create a content plan? Contact Us and we will help you get started. From creating a content plan, to help you understand how to hire a copywriter – we got you covered!

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