Are You Making These Copywriting Mistakes?

Living and working in Dubai we see a lot of small businesses owners writing their own copy, or hire an inexperienced copywriter to write their content. Without having a real content marketing plan.

If this is you, or you are learning to write good content, make sure you don’t fall for these common copywriter mistakes. And don’t forget to read our guide on how to hire a copywriter.

Being Too General

We often run into pieces of copy that seem to be written to serve everyone – copy that is very general, trying to include all features and/or point of views, and with no specific audience in mind.

The truth is, the more general a text, the less relevant it feels to most readers.
And it will not appeal to anyone at all.

don't be too general
don’t be too general

Before you start writing, think about who you want to target – who is your audience? And find out what features and tone of voice resonates best with this audience.

Or even better, first define your main personas before you start creating your content. This will help you create content that is specifically targeted to your audiences, and by doing so, will help you create more relevant content. Content your audiences are actually interested in reading.

Focus Too Much on the Product

People might be interested in your product, but not enough to make it the main focus of your content. Many businesses make the mistake of continuously talking about products, its features, and how good it is – but in reality, that is not exactly what people are looking for.

Instead, people care about whether a product can be of help to them or not. They want to read about the benefits that a particular product or service can offer them.

So, rather than focusing on the product or service, try to focus on the emotional connection that people have with your brand, and tailor your message to their needs – how your products can benefit your customers to solve their problems they are facing.


Be original, develop your own style, create a brand personality and:


The search engines don’t like duplicate content. And neither should you. Too much duplicate content, whether it’s duplicated from your own copy, or ‘found’ online, will hurt the perceived quality and ranking of your website.

Think about your ideal customer, or use your personas, and think about how you would normally communicate with them in order to get their attention. Your aim is to address your audience in a genuine way, create a connection and to build trust towards a sale. Copy-pasting other people’s work will not help you with this.

don't copy paste
don’t copy paste

Think Your Customers Knows It All

While there is nothing wrong with treating your readers like potential professionals in the industry, you can’t expect them to know all the product ins and outs in the way that you do. They don’t sleep, eat, or breathe your product.

Avoid using the insider jargon and don’t try to impress your audience with your knowledge about details.

Instead try to find the common ground, and keep it easy to understand. When there is no way to avoid using more complex concepts, explain what it means. This way, you know you won’t be losing your readers along the way, because they don’t understand what you are writing about.

You can always reference more background information, in which you can go more into detail for the advanced users.

To Summarize

It’s perfectly fine to create your own content. With the help of some basic copywriting tips and tricks it might even be pretty good content. Just make sure you don’t copy-paste and you create content with your target audience in mind. Good luck!

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