5 Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Over the past few years, the Dubai real estate market went through quite a few changes. For real estate agents this offers both challenges and new opportunities.

For brokers who are open to take advantage of these opportunities, here are a few content marketing strategies that can help you stand out.

1. Share Your Knowledge

For many people, buying a property is a once in a lifetime event. With a huge impact on their life and future. This means that before a buyer feels comfortable spending their money, they want to know what they are getting into.

During the first stage of buying a house people are looking for information that can help them decide if they actually want to buy a house, and are able to do so. This stage offers a lot of opportunities to profile yourself and your agency, and competition for the buyers attention at this stage is still low.

Content Marketing for Brokers - Share
Share Your Knowledge

If you are an experienced agent you know what the common questions are that people have. Create content around the questions you get asked most. Share your knowledge, go into detail and give your expert opinion.

Your visibility during this stage will allow you to establish your brand, and engage in a relationship with potential buyers. From which you can benefit when buyers go into the next stage – looking for properties and agencies they want to work with.

If you are starting your real estate business you can begin with more general subjects – list all the neighborhoods and their amenities within your market, write about banks and their mortgage packages, put together a comprehensive list of what is needed to register a newly bought house. Don’t be shy, just start.

Focusing more on investment buyers? Highlight new project, talk Return on Investment and list the benefits why investing in your market is financially attractive.

2. Start an Email Marketing Campaign

Let’s go back to the educational content as mentioned above. During this stage people are obviously not ready yet to buy a property – they are still in the Top of your Funnel. They might be considering to buy a property, or even have some ideas already on what they want to buy. But they are still far from actually putting their money on the table.

This is why you want to have an email marketing campaign in place. Your main goal for this content should be to capture your visitor’s email address – and turn them into leads. You want to be on top of the buyer’s mind when they are ready to buy. And an email marketing strategy can help you get there.

Start Email Marketing
Use Email Campaigns to Capture Leads

A good email campaign can also help you guide potential buyers lower down into the funnel – going from considering to buy – through
knowing what they want to buy – to
what agents do I know that can help me buy my house.

3. Build Your Brand

Do you know Engel & Voelkers? And what about haus & haus? Let’s face it, you are not the only real estate broker out there. Especially in the crowded market we have here in the Emirates. So how do you stand out, what makes people recognize you?

Build your brand!

A strong brand will make that people recognize you and your content, a brand creates trust, loyalty and, most importantly, strong branding can boost your sales.

4. Sell an Experience

People are not buying a property, they hope to buy a new home. Help potential buyers imagine a property to be their future home, and you are 6 steps closer to making that sale.

Why do families with younger children prefer a villa in Arabian Ranches over an apartment in Marina? Because they like their children to be able to ride their bicycles and play in the park.

Writing a property description that mentions the park and a child friendly neighborhood will appeal much more to this experience than a technical description of the feature rich air-conditioning that the previous owner installed.

Don’t get me wrong, having a good air-condition in Dubai is definitely important. But people will not buy a house because it has a good airco. They buy a house because they can image a happy family life where their children can play outside with other children.

Emaar Selling the Burj Crown Experience
Emaar Selling the Burj Crown Experience

5. Images, Images, Images

If you’ve been searching for a new home yourself, you’ve probably scrolled through hundreds of pages to find that perfect place. Yes, we apply our filters and select a neighborhood for our search, but be honest, what properties do we look at first? Exactly, the ones with great images. Everybody does.

Don’t try to save money on your property images!

And when you shoot the property pictures yourself, take your time, read about how to take great images and make sure your watermark is both subtle and professional.

Bad Example of a Property Image
That’s a lot of door!
Please Don’t Use Images Like This

Then use the best images on your website, share them through your social media channels, and add the rest to the listing on Property Finder.

Quality images reflect on you as a brand and helps your properties stand out.

To Wrap It Up

Even in a crowded market there are enough opportunities for you as a real estate agent to stand out. And a solid content marketing strategy can definitely help you with this.

Build your brand, invest in quality images and bring the property alive with an experience driven description will get you those calls for a property viewing. And for people who just started their property search, write content that helps them through their journey, capture their email address and let your email campaign do its magic.

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