How to Use Digital Marketing if Your Business Is About Finances

Digital marketing becomes more and more important in this changing world. And with sales representatives not being able to visit leads and customers, companies in Dubai and in the rest of the world are turning to digital marketing to close deals and follow up with their leads. This is no different for companies in the financial industry. Whether you are a tax consultant, an insurance broker or an investor.

A Digital Marketing strategy can help you strengthen your brand, while at the same time helps you to set a budget and goals, choose your target audience and create personas.

Here are a few Digital Marketing strategies that can help you get started.

Financial Content Creation
Financial Content Creation

Digitize your Brand

The first step is to be visible online. And make sure you look good!

Revise your logo, make sure your website is working properly, claim your social profiles and start working on your online reputation. When you have a clear idea on what you want to publish – define your channels, create a content plan and set up landing pages and reporting.

Think Mobile

We are not saying that every company should develop a mobile app. But if you can think of a way how to provide value for your leads and customers through a mobile app, we definitely think you should consider this.

A mobile app allows you to directly communicate with your app users, it builds Brand Awareness, can help increase sales and a mobile app can be a valuable source of marketing analytics.

Think Mobile to Reach your Audience
Is this your new app?

Use Advertisements

Google and Facebook ads have taken over the digital marketing world as a true storm – and for a good reason. Good ads can lead to great conversion. Fast.

Having you’re your brand name show up on the top of the search engines also helps building your Brand Awareness. And usually cost per click for branded terms are very reasonable.

At Rankability we also like to use ads to test page titles and meta descriptions.

Understand Regulations

When working on your Digital Marketing strategy, you need to have a good understanding of the regulations that apply within your industry. If you have one, talk to your legal advisor before you create your content. The finance industry is a sensitive and highly regulated industry. Besides any legal consequences, inaccurate content and content that is violating industry standards can break your brand. You don’t want to put that at risk.

Regulations however, also offer opportunities. Create content around it, help your audience understand the small print, inform them about updates and offer to answer questions about these regulations.

Understand Regulations and talk to a legal advisor
Talk to your legal advisor before you publish

Think Outside the Box

Try, test, improve! And when you happy with the result, SHARE!

Digital Marketing is about being visible online. And there are many ways to be visible. Yes, you can start a blog and write articles. And we already mentioned mobile apps. But there are many other ways to be visible online; videos, presentations, webinar and podcast to name a few. Did you know that YouTube is one of the most popular search engine out there?

It’s all about what you feel comfortable making, and what channel work best for the messages you want to share. If you feel that there is really not much to write about you can still use digital marketing channels to manage your social media, build engagement and to handle customer care requests.

Final Thoughts

Adding Digital Marketing to your overall marketing strategy can be very rewarding when done right. And to create some initial content can be easy and done with very little investment upfront. Try a few different things to see what works in terms of response and what feels natural for you to create.

But don’t forget to talk to your legal advisers. There might be some type of information that is regulated and you are not allowed to publish.

And talk to a Digital Marketing Company. You can use their expertise and unbiased feedback to come up with ideas that might work for your business.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Don’t feel comfortable (yet) writing your own content, or you have no idea how to create a content plan? Contact Us and we will help you get started. From creating a content plan to finding you the perfect copy writer – we got you covered! Your first consult is FREE.

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