Removing Reviews from Google [a Step-by-Step Guide for 2024]

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Don’t worry. At some point, every business will receive a bad review. Each customer has different expectations, and it’s hard to meet them all.

And bad reviews aren’t as bad as we think – research done by PowerReviews showed that products with an average rating of 5 stars have comparable conversion rates to products with 3.0 – 3.49 stars. (And the sweet spot for conversion is 4.75-4.99 stars)

So bad reviews can actually help make your average rating look natural and to convert better.

Does this mean you need to accept every bad review you receive? No. The Google review policy is very clear about what reviews you can request to remove. Do you feel the review is not fair, not about you and/or inappropriate? Then consider removing the review.

Steps to Remove Reviews from Google

To remove a review from Google, you must understand the following first; Business owners can’t get rid of reviews simply because the review is bad. However, if the review clearly violates Google’s Guidelines, you can follow the next steps request a removal of the review.

First: Assess the Review

The main question is:
keep and respond to the review, or flag it for removal?

If the review violates the Google review policy: flag it for removal. Fake content, spam, personal information, and inappropriate content are the most common reasons to flag a review for removal.

For example, let’s say you run a Surf Life Saving Club in Dubai and someone from Germany left you a 1-star review stating that your food tastes terrible. This review is not about your business and therefore qualifies for removal.

At the same time, if you run a Bakery and someone complains that your raisin rolls contain too many raisins, the best thing you can do here is to come up with a response that both addresses the reviewer’s concern, and at the same time represents what your business stands for. And then move on.

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Reviews from Google  

Removing a review from Google is a straightforward procedure. Below are the steps you will have to go through:

  1. Sign In to Your Google Business Account

    First, use your business credentials to log into your Google Business profile.

  2. Find the Review to Flag

    Scroll through your listings and find the review you wish to remove.
    You can find it in the “Review” section of your account.

  3. Report the Review

    Next to the review, on the right, you will see three vertical dots leading to the option. You will see the choice to report the review, after which you should flag it as whatever is appropriate. Google will consider these factors when going through your report.

  4. Describe the Violation

    Simply flagging the review won’t be enough. To be as successful as possible in having the review removed, you have to be descriptive. Try to be specific, and if you have any evidence to support your claim, include it. Once you are done, click “Report,” to open a ticket with the Google Business support team.

  5. Wait for a Response

    Wait for Google to review whether or not the review violates their policies. Depending on the circumstances, it can take as little as two days and as long as two weeks.

  6. Extra: Contact Support

    It happens that a review violates the Google Review, but their first response is to keep the review online. In this case, you can reach out to the Google Business Support team and ask them to review your request.

What If You Can’t Remove a Review – Alternative Approaches

As we mentioned before,
only reviews that violate the Google review policy can be flagged for removal.

So what to do when you are not happy with a review?

RESPOND! And do the following

And in general, it’s always important to respond to your reviews.
To both the negative and positive reviews.

1.     Address the Bad Reviews

Do a good job and it can even improve your reputation.

Be sure to apply tact when you respond to reviews. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Be kind with your responses
  • Try to offer a solution where possible
  • Apologize if it’s needed, and offer to fix the situation
  • Avoid getting defensive and making it personal
  • Keep your responses brief yet friendly
  • Take the responses into a private channel by offering to email or call
  • Respond promptly and with empathy

2.  Get More Good Reviews

Google tends to show the most recent reviews on top. If the most recent one happens to be the negative one it will be the first thing people see. Getting more reviews will help you push this one down.

3.  Get Your Reviewers to Include Pictures in the Reviews

An image speaks a thousand words. And so thinks Google – Google tends to show more prominently those reviews that include pictures, and can push down those reviews without. Including the negative review.

Google Reviews Removal FAQ

These are some of the common questions the Rankability Local SEO team receives;

How Long Does Google Take to Remove a Review?

The removal process takes about 2 to 3 business days, provided it is a simple case with clear violations. However, if there is more to it, it could require 3 to 5 business days, as it might need manual intervention. 

Can I Remove Any Review?

Not every review can be deleted from Google just because you disagree with the content of the review. For it to be removed, it must violate Google policies. This includes reviews that are fake, inappropriate, spam, and are off-topic.

How to See Deleted Google Reviews?

As Google keeps no backup for reviews, there is no way to recover reviews once they have been deleted. You can try looking through Google My Business, Google Maps, and Google Search Console to see if it was accidentally hidden. However, if it was deleted, all you will see is a text saying, “This review has been removed.”

How to Contact Google Small Business Customer Support?

To contact the support team, access your Google My Business account and go to the support menu. Afterward, you can choose the preferred action so that Google can offer you information about your business.

How Can I Remove a Bad Review from Google Maps?

To remove bad reviews, you should locate them and click the menu on the right side of the text. If the review is inappropriate or misleading, you can flag it by clicking “Report Review.” After showing your evidence, you should wait until Google takes it down.

How to Remove Fake Google Reviews?

If the review is downright fake, you can also have it deleted in the same way we mentioned above. Flag it for fake content and offer proof to support your claim. Depending on the claim, it can take a few days to remove the negative comment.

The Bottom Line

Google reviews can be removed if they violate the review policy guidelines. For all other reviews: respond to the reviews and use the provided alternatives if you want to push down the reviews you are not happy with.

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