Page Experience Metrics – Google Announces Ranking Change

Building on the recently introduced Core Web Vitals, Google is now working on a new search ranking change which will include ‘Page Experience‘ metrics. These page experience metrics are meant to capture the perceived user experience while interacting with web pages, and will include mobile-friendliness, page speed and stability of page load.

Google didn’t reveal when the ranking changes will roll out, but they will allow webmasters at least a six month notice. And for now it’s unclear if this update will be rolling out globally, and will directly affect website owners in Dubai.

Page Experience Metrics
Page Experience Metrics

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The Importance of Page Experience Signals

Something to keep in mind, while the Page Experience signals are important, Google does highlight that they:

“will prioritize pages with the best information overall [ .. ] however, in cases where there are multiple pages that have similar content, Page Experience becomes much more important for visibility in Search”.

Let’s see how that works out though.

Top Stories Feature Available for non-AMP Pages

Following the Page Experience updates the Top Stories Feature in search on mobile will now incorporate page speed as a ranking factor, and start support non-AMP pages.

How To Optimize for Core Web Vitals

To help developers and webmasters get ready for for these changes, Google updated the Lighthouse and PageSpeed tools. Google also added a new report to Google Search Console for site owners to find opportunities for Core Web Vitals improvements.

Read more about the tools you can use to optimize your web pages at

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