Rebranding for Success

Rebranding can be a necessary step towards success. You might be in the middle of a company merge – or maybe you feel your current brand doesn’t have what it takes to be competitive. Whatever the reason to rebrand, doing so might feel intimidating.

Don’t let this hold you back though. Reputation Management should be part of any company’s strategy, and there are many companies who were able to successfully rebrand their business. And since you have a brand already, you should know what works for your company. And what doesn’t. Use this experience to your advantage.

Here are some thoughts to keep in mind when you are considering to rebrand your business for success. Whether you are in United Arab Emirates or abroad.

Do You Really Need to Rebrand?

Rebranding involves so much more than creating a new logo and update the website. Beside a financial impact, rebranding can put a lot of pressure on the organization as a whole. And rebranding for the wrong reason often leads to failure. So before you start your rebranding project ask yourself: ‘What are we trying to accomplish, and is rebranding the right path for us to get there’?

Rebranding makes sense if you change markets or require a reposition. It also makes sense if you go into a merge, have a bad reputation or your branding is proven to be outdated.

Rebrand for Success
Rebrand for Success

If you want to rebrand ‘because everybody is doing it’, ‘I just don’t like the logo’ or you want to solve internal conflicts – don’t rebrand! There are better ways to solve these issues.

Do Market Research

A new brand often means a focus on new markets, competitors, clients and propositions. Analyze your competitors, survey your new potential customers, test your proposition. You want to be prepared before you go into the next phase.

Get Everybody Onboard

Now that you are clear on the reasons why to rebrand, and what you are aiming for, you can focus on the HOW. The rebranding projects that were a success all had in common that everybody involved understood what it takes to rebuild the brand.

Get everybody onboard before you start, and make everybody understand what their role will be, and how they contribute to the new brand.

You will want to ask your employees their opinion about the new direction the new brand is going, and what they think about the new logo – If they don’t like what they see, or feel they are not involved, it will be hard to keep them onboard.

Get Everybody Onboard
Get Everybody Onboard

Be Consistent

Is the HR team using your new branding when posting job openings? Was Customer Care able to update the auto responder for incoming calls? Who will replace the ‘parking reserved’ signs? Did you update all your social profiles and business listings?

A strong brand thrives on consistency.

Be Different

There was a reason why you rebranded, remember. Don’t create a new brand and then go back to ‘business as usual’. Update your style guides, change your tone-of-voice. Create new call scripts, try something new on the next exhibition, let someone else choose the annual team building activity and re-think your Christmas card messaging.

Stand out, be unique and live your new brand.

Be Different
Be Different

Final Thoughts

Rebranding can be both risky and challenging. And when done for the wrong reasons, it will probably fail. On the other side, if you know what you are doing, and you are able to get everybody onboard, rebranding can be just as exiting and can create many new opportunities for success.

Get a FREE Branding Consult

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