4 Reasons Why Branding Can Boost Your Sales

Many companies fail to understand the power of strong branding, and the impact a well recognized brand can have on sales. These companies focus on their product(s), and think that if the product is good enough it will sell. Unfortunately this is not always true. People don’t buy ‘just’ a good product. They expect an experience and buy with emotion. Both of which can be provided by your brand.

There’s a reason why Apple’s iPhone is so on-demand. Even in Dubai where the popular Facetime app is blocked from the devices. The branding is done so well that every phone is practically selling itself. And people love to use the Apple Brand stickers to decorate their car, notebooks and anything else they want other people to notice.

So how does a brand create more sales?

Branding Sets Your Business Apart

Your brand awareness and recognition make a big difference when it comes to increase visibility and retention. And ultimately your sales. The more you work on making your brand known, the more your business will see improvement in its sales. Memorable and unique brands will attract and keep customers, and a strong brand sets you apart from your competitors.

91% of consumers will buy from an authentic brand if that option is available.

Adweek – The Power of Authenticity
branding sets your business apart - brand logo
branding sets your business apart

Nike, for example, contracted celebrities such as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan to represent their brand. This had a huge impact on the Nike brand visibility and awareness. And because of these “influencers,” the brand became more and more popular, even entering into a category of their own.

Plus, the more control you have over the position or perception of your brand, the more you can control its price as well. You won’t get a Starbucks coffee for the same price that you would get one at your local coffee shop. The higher price along with the proper brand building will suggest higher quality – which will further improve your sales.

Branding Creates Trust Through Consistency

A consumer will only recommend a brand they trust – and one of the biggest contributors to brand trust is brand consistency.

81% of consumers say they need to be able to trust the brand to buy from them.

Edelman – Trust Barometer Report ‘In Brands We Trust?’

A brand guarantees a customer that they will get the same quality each time they make a purchase. And consistency in your marketing appeals to this ‘consistent quality perception’. They know your product has been good for them in the past, and they will trust that the new product will be just as satisfactory.

Consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23%.

Forbes – 10 Marketing Statistics to Help Prioritize Your Business Growth Initiatives

Even someone that has never been in contact with your brand may choose yours over the competition if they are already familiar with your brand. If someone is looking for high-quality sneakers, for example, they are bound to pick a pair of Nike over some no-name brand they saw at the supermarket. Good branding tells people that you know what you are doing, which is why they will trust you enough to buy your product – as a result, this will increase your sales

Branding Maintains Customer Loyalty

There’s a popular marketing fact that states that “It’s much cheaper to get customers to buy again, than it is to find new ones.” Not only does it take fewer funds for advertising, but you can achieve those sales through the creation of trust – something that only good branding can help you through.

89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values.

Fundera – Brand Loyalty Statistics

Thanks to this, your branding will improve customer experience, causing the people that previously purchased from you to recommend you to other people. This further increases your credibility, creating a link of trust we talked about between you and your customers.

branding supports loyalty - loyalty cloud
branding supports loyalty

A Strong Brand Supports Your Marketing Efforts

Remember how much you used to spend on your product advertisement when you originally launched your brand? You had to focus a lot on ads and marketing to get yourself noticed – and in most cases, people would not buy from you simply because they did not know what to expect from you.

With poor brand power, the only hope at selling a product is to persuade your audience through ads and with a competitive pricing strategy (being cheap).

Now, let‘s say that your brand did get a lot of exposure over time, and it became quite known. Let’s once more take Nike as an example. Granted, there are other high-quality brands out there – but because Nike has such a strongly built one, the products are practically selling themselves.

branding supports marketing - brand cloud
branding supports marketing

The same thing goes for iPhones. Whenever someone thinks about buying a phone, they think about the quality and efficiency of iPhones – and you won’t even have to work much for it. Good branding will double as marketing because it will get your product out there enough for the people to know they want it.

The Bottom Line

In the end, if you focus on building a strong brand, the popularity itself will be what’s selling your product. A strong brand will create a trusting relationship between you and your customers – keeping the old ones and attracting new ones by word of mouth. The stronger your brand voice is, the more customers will come to you to buy your product.

Are ready to increase your brand value? Or do you want to understand how your brand is currently performing? Contact us and talk to our Brand and Reputation Management Specialist.

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