Why it is Important to Respond to Your reviews

Managing your reviews is important when optimizing your local SEO. And how you respond to your reviews is just as important. To both the negative and the positive ones.

Carrefour MOE review on Google Maps

For places like Dubai with many tourists and continuously new families settling in
reviews can make a big difference for a business’s bottom-line.

Why Respond to Customer Reviews?

There are several reasons why you should respond to reviews, no matter if they are positive or negative. Here are our reasons why.

It's always a good idea to respond to the reviews you receive. 

1. Improve Your Online Visibility

Google says reviews are a ranking factor. When all things equal, a business with more
and better ratings will rank higher. And therefore is more visible.

Google on how to improve your local rankings

2. Increase The Number of Reviews

Answering reviews allows a business to show they are taking feedback and their customers serious. Which can lead to more clients willing to leave a review – they know ‘they will be heard’.

3. Replies Show Potential Customers You Care

Responding to online reviews can help a business build trust.

When potential customers read your response to reviews, you can show them that your business is committed to improving the customer’s experience. This can create trust and boosts the likeliness of them becoming actual customers.

4. It Helps You Make Better Decisions

Reviews can be harsh and unfiltered comments on how your business and/or products are performing. Instead of becoming defensive, try to understand where the feedback is coming from, and ask yourself if there is something to improve. Like this each review can be a piece of valuable information helping you to improve your products and/or services. And to get more happy customers.

Responding to reviews forces you to actually read them, keep track of what customers think about your business and products. And allows you to act on it to improve your business.

5. Improve Your Conversion Rate

Reviews help people make up their minds. If an issue mentioned in a review resonates with the reader, and it stays unanswered, this potentional customer might decide to look for a different business.

Responding to reviews allows a business to take away possible concerns, and can help potential customers convert. Even if the review itself was a negative one.

6. Improve Brand Loyalty

A happy customer is more likely to come back. By responding to reviews and acknowledging their feedback customers can feel appreciated. This builds a relationship. Which increases the chances of them becoming a loyal returning customer.

7. Give Negative Reviews a Positive Outcome

Every business will receive bad reviews at some point. Each customer has different expectations, and it’s hard to meet them all.

Responding to unrealistic expectations in a genuine and honest way will help potentional customers understand what to expect, and to decide on how this impacts their decision. And if they feel that the expectations were indeed unrealistic they might just ignore the bad review and still decide to visit your business.

8. Take Ownership of the Conversation

Each review has the potential to set the tone of a conversation. If you don’t respond to negative reviews others might do so. Turning the conversation about your business into a negative one and blowing things out of proportion.

By responding to reviews, you can share your side of the story, offer a solution and take ownership of the conversation.

To recap

Show that you care about your customers and that you appriciate their feedback. By doing so you can increase the number of reviews you receive. You can build trust. You can improve your conversions, take ownership of the conversation and give negative reviews a postitive outcome.

Our advice: Answer each and every review!


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