Full Search Engine Optimization Audit

Understand what you do well, and what can be optimized

Over 10 years doing audits

Our SEO engineers started early. Even though the search industry is relatively young, we are proud to say that our SEO engineers have over 10 years of combined experience in search engine optimization.

Working on client sites since 2008, the Rankability SEO engineers saw the industry evolve to the multibillion industry it is today.

With a strong technical foundation, a passion for SEO and wealth of shared knowledge our engineers are the go-to experts our clients trust their business with. 

Get actionable recommendations  your team can start working on instantly

You will receive a detailed list of recommendations, prioritized, categorized and written for everybody to understand.

Learn from your competitors

Who is dominating your niche, and why? We will get you the insights that will help beat the competition.

Own your technical SEO blue print 

Missing canonicals, crawl budget, redirect loops, broken structured data markup and soft 404 errors. Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Be algorithm proof

Medic update, Panda, Penguin? Our audit will tell you if any of the algorithm updates are holding you back. And what can be done to follow the guidelines.

Understand the quality of your content

We will tell you all you need to know about duplicate and/or thin content, missing meta descriptions, your internal linking, the use of keywords and what might be missing.

Personalized man-made analysis of your website SEO data

Rankability uses different tools to the gather data necessary to audit your website. The analysis of the data itself is done manually by our SEO engineers. Our general SEO audit typically contains over 100 pages of findings, insights and recommendations. And follow Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines. All recommendations are summarized in an easy to use list, categories by type, and prioritized based on estimated level of impact and estimated level of effort. The full scope of the SEO Audit might vary, based on the unique features of the website and clients request.

  • In-dept technical site audit
  • In-dept content analysis
  • Accessibility and Index-ability tests
  • Google penalty check
  • Traffic and ranking analysis

Competitors benchmark

We analyze five of your main competitors and tell you your strength and weaknesses. And what opportunities are out there to take advantage from. 

Mobile friendly check

More and more people use their mobile device to browse the internet. And many people in Dubai don't even use a desktop computer at all. Is your website mobile friendly or missing out? 

  • Site speed analysis
  • Structured data markup validation
  • General backlink analysis
  • On-page SEO elements validation
  • Internal linking and canonical audit
We also offer a light version of our SEO Quality Audit. The light version will still give you a good overall 360 degrees SEO overview, but it will include less details and the recommendations will be more general. We will credit you 75% of the SEO Quality Audit cost if you decide to add Rankability to your team, and sign up for one of our yearly retainer packages. (and 25% of the Light SEO Quality Audit).

What Irene said she was able to do after the SEO Quality Audit

"This Audit really helped me secure internal funding for the Marketing/SEO budget. It allowed me to make data supported decisions on where to spend development resources, and what content to create next. Overall it helped to support my case when talking to the higher management.  

Now I'm using the audit to create a digital strategy that integrates into the whole marketing strategy. And I received compliments from the top management about the updated reporting.

I also feel more confident now to start conversations with the development team, and to find the right balance between UX, SEO and technical design.. "

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