Link Audit

Understand the power and the risks of your links

Backlinks are an important ranking factor to search engines. Backlinks can support your rankings and drive traffic. And toxic backlinks can strongly hurt your website's performance. Therefore it's recommended that every business regularly perform backlink audits to monitor their website's backlink profile and general SEO Health. 

Unnatural links can be considered a violation of the Google Quality Guidelines. Regularly monitoring your link profile will help you discover possible risks and avoid Google penalties.

Besides risk management a thorough Link Audit will also tell you what sections of your website perform well and can identify valuable opportunities to strengthen your website. 

What's included in our Link Audit?

A clear answer that will tell you if your website is suffering from a link penalty. For this we will do a complete review of your backlink profile and we will dive into your internal link architecture. We will also benchmark your backlink profile with those of your competitors. 
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Internal link architecture analysis
  • Backlink benchmark
  • Canonical and redirects scan
  • Google Analytics and Search Console review

Actionable Recommendations

Prioritized and written for everybody to understand.

Reconsideration Request

We will help you submit a reconsideration request.

Discounted Support

We are ready to support you during a recovery process. 

Link Disavow File

When needed we will submit a disavow file for you.

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