+80% traffic increase*

*Within days after the recommendations were made live, the organic traffic to the landing page improved from -32% Year over Year before the implementation, to +48% Year over Year after the implementation of the recommendations.


Client Background

Market: United States, nationwide

Industry: Service Industry // Interior Design Services

About: First of its kind marketplace for interior design-related services.

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Operating in a competitive space. Providing a marketplace where designers and potential customers can connect to start a design project together. Besides the marketplace the website includes a blog, profile and product pages, a user generated QA section and a number of landing pages to start a project. The client recently started exploring alternative revenue streams using their website.

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Current SEO state

Client’s website has over 250,000 pages indexed. The main focus of the SEO efforts is to maintain and improve the performance of the landing pages, to create new landing pages, and to support the content and marketing teams with content analysis, keyword research, new projects and reporting.

Problem & Project Goal

Problem: One of the client’s main landing pages was underperforming, 


and not maximizing the number of leads it can capture. This is a missed opportunity. 

Goal: Improve visibility for the relevant keywords to increase page traffic. 


1) Analyze the available data (tools, analytics, competitors) for keyword performance and trends, 2) analyze client’s on-page and off-page SEO elements, 3) identify target keywords that are underperforming and can drive an increase in traffic, and 4) analyze the search results and equivalent competitor landing pages around the target keywords.

What we did

We started analyzing past and current traffic data to understand the performance of the keywords that are driving traffic to the landing page. When it was clear what keywords can drive the best traffic opportunities, we analyzed the search results and the competing pages around these keywords. 

We summarized and presented our findings and recommendations to the client’s marketing and product team. And we supported the product and development team with the implementation of the recommendations. The recommendations included changes to the site-wide anchor text to the page, and updates to the Page Title and Meta Descriptions.

The results 

The visibility of the targeted keywords improved after the recommendations were implemented.

*The organic traffic to the landing page went from -32% YoY before the implementation of the recommendations, to +48% Year over Year after the implementation of the recommendations.

Strongly improved Organic Traffic trend after implementing the recommendations

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