Significantly Improved CTR*

Soon after our recommendations were implemented, the client saw a significant improvement in their CTR and clicks for their Product Detail Pages.

Already 10 days after implementation the organic traffic to client’s Product Detail Pages increased with 32% compared to the 10 days prior to the implementation (and by 26% Year over Year).


Client Background

Market: United States, nationwide

Industry: Retail Industry // Online Paint and Paint Supplies Store

About: Ambitious family business selling eco-friendly stylish paint, in a non-traditional way

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After a successful website migration project, the client now wants to grow the online revenue generated through their organic channel. They expanded their marketing team with a new member who will be responsible for content management and creation. And they dedicated part of their development resources to work on SEO enhancements and improvements. As their SEO agency we support the marketing team with all their content needs, and guide the development team through the recommended technical improvements and enhancements.

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Current SEO state

Relatively new website (3,5 years old). We started the account in January 2022, and by the end of February the client migrated their website. Technically the website is in good shape now. The main focus for the coming period is to increase the organic traffic to the website.


Problem & Project Goal

Problem: We noticed that the client’s product pages in the search results didn’t stand out much among other websites mentioning client’s products. This is a missed opportunity.

Goal: 1) increase website traffic 2) by improving the Click Through Rate (CTR) for the product pages 3) by making the client’s product pages stand out more within the search results.


Implement Structured Data Markup to increase the product real estate in the search results, and make the results look more appealing to click on, improving traffic to the website.

What we did

We provided the client with an analysis of the search results, highlighting the structured data markup of the websites mentioning the client’s products, and what existing data the client has available to ‘fill’ the Structured Data Markup.

After the project approval we provided the dev. team with the documentation and instructions on how to implement the markup, and what elements are relevant for the client’s website. And we helped validate the implementation before and after making the updates live.

The results 

Soon after the structured data markup was implemented, the search result snippet started showing pricing details, availability, reviews, ratings and sometimes even shipping data, making the search result much more prominently visible;

Rich Snippets started showing after implementing the Structured Data Markup

CTR Almost doubled

The now visible rich results almost doubled the CTR, and during the first 10 days after implementation the organic website traffic to client’s product detail pages increased with +32% compared to the 10 days prior to the implementation (and by 26% Year over Year). 

CTR almost doubled after search results started showing the Rich Snippets

Unexpected bonus

Something we didn’t anticipate, but was a more than welcome bonus..
we saw similar CTR improvements for the image search results.

Rich Snippets also started showing in Google Image Search
And CTR also strongly improved for the Image Search results

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