Website Migration Support

Let's make your website migration project a success!

Moving from HTTP to HTTPs soon? Or planning to change the website platform, update the UX or the website hierarchy? There are many valid reasons why an organization requires a website migration project. And there are just as many reasons why a website migration project can cause a website to loose its rankings and traffic. 

All the important SEO elements in place

A website migration project can pose a serious challenge. There are many moving parts and departments involved. And without a clear plan it will be difficult to have everything in place when it's time for the launch. Our Website Migration Support guides you and your team through all the important steps to take. And will make sure all the SEO elements are in place and ready for success!

  • Secure Important Legacy elements
  • Create a Redirect Plan
  • Perform Pre-Launch Test
  • Update Tracking and Analytics
  • Set Up Performance Benchmarking
  • Define Technical SEO Requirements

Backup Legacy Data 

Backup important legacy data for reference and analysis. This includes content and site performance.

Set Priorities

Know what pages are crucial for traffic, conversion and revenue. And make them important.

Benchmark Performance

Your new website needs to perform better than the legacy website. Test and compare your websites KPIs before and after migration!

Create a Redirect Plan

This is critical. No, or a badly set up redirect plan is one of the main reasons why a website can loose traffic and rankings after a migration. 

Test, Test and Test

Test during development and test for every major delivery. Test pre-lauch, test post-launch. And test whenever the opportunity is there. 

Update Off-site Properties

Don't forget to update your tracking and analysis systems. Update your business listing, social profiles and other web properties.

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